Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Recently I started crocheting again after a several year hiatus.    I got inspired by a tutorial I saw on youtube for an infinity scarf.   I just had to try it and now I can't stop.   Since November I've made     2 infinity scarves for Christmas presents and 3 scarves for  myself.    For my daughter I've made 1 scarf, 2 hairbands and a rainbow heart garland.    For my  husband, I made a drink cozy.   I have also started a lap blanket, that is still being worked on and lastly I just finished making a bag.     I have become a little obsessed!!

I love crocheting because it allows you to  make finished products rather quickly!   Most of the small things I've made took me less than and hour and the bigger things took me 2 days at the most with the exception of the blanket.   I also love crochet, because as my mom tells me ( i have not knitted myself), it is more forgiving then knitting.  Which means when I make a boo boo, as I sometimes do, you don't necessarily have to rip apart everything to fix it.  It is usually hard to see the mistake so I just go with it :)

I definitely suggest youtube tutorials if you want to try out some crocheting yourself.     Oh,  and also Pinterest for great project ideas too!   Just watch out you might not be able to stop!   Now off to make something new........

 my scarves

I have even learned how to read basic patterns and made this bag.   It will be great for small trips to the grocery store or to carry stuff for my daughter.   I actually think I will be making more,  maybe an even bigger one for the beach!

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